Thursday, 15 September 2016

Pretty picture

Tim tells me that he can't post a photo using Internet Explorer on his Blogger blog any more, so I wondered if it could be done with Safari.

And it seems that it can -and it's easier than it used to be, in fact.  Just drag'n'drop.

So here's some pretty Lowestoft china for you.  

Sunday, 13 December 2015

Friday, 11 December 2015

Wordpress seems to have made a mistake

Darlings, in case you're looking here for my blog, having found a 'fatal error' message on the one, it's Wordpress who've made it.  I've passed the problem on to Ronan (tech support) and hope that he can sort it out over the weekend.

News of the day is that I'm back on the road, having spent the morning and several thousand pounds in Norwich.

Wednesday, 1 October 2014


I've just dropped in to the dashboard because I'd got signed out of Blogger and it's the easiest way of getting back, and I saw that I still have 86 followers here.  Which either shows vast loyalty or else that few of us unsubscribe from anything (that's true of me, for sure).  Hello, if you do call in - I'm still blogging on the other site, though things have changed someone, most specifically, I'm sad to say, because the Sage has died.  I don't want the Razorblade to be a widowhood blog, so mostly write as I always did.  I hope it doesn't look callous: it isn't.  I'm better looking out than in, at least when someone is looking at me.

Monday, 26 August 2013

Z has moved house. Sorry...

...if you've come here from a link I've left on a comment, but I find that if I sign in with name and URL, I don't have the option of subscribing to comments, so I still use my Blogger sign-in.  My blog has moved here.  Same name, same furniture, different address.

Thursday, 8 August 2013

The removal van is packed

This morning, I packed Rupert's bag while Russell took him for a walk, and I think it's time to pack and go here too.  I'll leave comments on here for a few more days so that you can tell me if you have any difficulties with logging in over there.  However, all posts and comments have been transferred.  I need a Blogger or similar ID to be able to comment on many sites so this blog will stay here as it is.

If you haven't visited it yet, please drop in, you will be very welcome.

If you would like to leave a comment, you need to register with a name of your choice and an active email address, where you will be sent a password - you then sign in with your username and password and if you tick the box it will remember you.  You will get a profile page but you don't need to do anything on that - however, if you wish comments to appear under a different name than the one you've entered, you can add it and if you want a different password, you can change to one of your choice.  Any difficulties, please leave a comment here while they're still switched on, or email me at the address on my profile - oh, I see my profile has vanished.  Just click on Z and look for 'contact me.'  Please don't sign in with your Wordpress, Blogger or any other password, just with your own name or blogname and your email.  No outside agency has any access to your details or comments.

See you at  And if you have been, thanks for listening.

Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Rupert's last day with Z

This is our final day with Rupert, our friends' little spaniel pup.  Sam and Hannah are due to come and pick him up tomorrow morning.  The visit has been an unqualified success - which we expected, no problems were anticipated - and the only slight disappointment has been that we've not been able to let the dogs out in the garden unaccompanied, just in case any of the bantams have got out.  But they can go off the lead on the marshes, where they have a brilliant time.  They both love the water and play riotously, but with complete good humour.  Ben is very kind to the smaller dog, although sometimes clumsy, but Rupert is quite unbothered at being trodden on and can hold his own in a play-fight.
 Asleep on the bed
Asleep on me

He is also very, very affectionate and cuddly.  Although he woke early this morning and wanted to play, which I could have done without, having been fast asleep at 5.45.
Other news on the home front is that Weeza and Phil's house purchase seems to have had all problems ironed out and the contract is due to be signed tomorrow, with completion early next month.  There's a bit of work they want to do before moving and more in due course, but it's going to be beautiful.
If anyone is having difficulty registering here, do let me know (my email address is on my profile here) and I can do it.  If you want an avatar/photo against your comments, I think it'll work if you add your own blog to your profile.  The advantage of commenting there is that it will be published immediately, with no need for me to approve it.  Also, though Ro has succeeded in uploading all comments, further ones won't be taken over from here.  I shall turn off comments here when I stop updating on this site in any case.